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When you KNOW it's RIGHT! ...Congrats!

M&C came to visit after scheduling an appointment to see the chapel a couple weeks in advance. Many times, after you do this blessed effort for a while, you can just tell when you're in contact with a bride or groom that they're 'just right' for the chapel. This was one of those times! From the moment they drove in until we set the date, started the booking sheet, and began building the wedding was perfect, natural, and all 4 of us knew that these two were in the right place! Cannot WAIT for their big day, and know it will be awe-some! Congratulations to our newest bride and groom, and already looking forward to seeing you soon!

A terrific day in Chapel-land! The boss and I got to sleep in this morning after another of her excellent performances in Temple last night. Outstanding breakfast and then a quick walk while we finish up the laundry from J&T's great adventure LAST weekend! :) On the walk, our neighbors had discarded a beautiful, lovingly worn, leather desk chair that looked great. We immediately contacted our closest physical bride and groom (Emily & Bryan) to see if they could use it. I knew they could! We rolled the chair home (only about 1/8 mile!) and secured it in the chapel for delivery so that the rain doesn't get it wet! Great excuse for a visit, and always love finding cool stuff for our brides and grooms. Bryan has the right attitude...."if Emily hates it, we'll find a good home for it!" So excellent.

Prayer provides uplifting results....but we think it has to be practiced pretty regularly to work. I think the prayer props the door open to let Him into our daily thoughts, work and lives, and from there....the sky literally ISN'T the limit! Blessings to all for a wonderful weekend as we honor America's Heroes!

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