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How can it be a year already!?!? Wow...time flies!

It's been a year already for this amazing bride and her wedding team! Kyrstin & Trevor have already been married that long, and we had such a fun adventure with these two loyal ladies to made sure everything happened! Such an excellent day and such a photogenic couple. Solid memories of a tremendous ceremony and reception. Blessing to y'all, and congratulations on the 1 year celebration!

Well, today is Memorial Day, and we're thinking of those who sacrificed everything to help give us the blessed lives we live in our country today. Without their willingness to sacrifice, we might not have a chapel to worship, marry and make merry in... Thank you.

Nice late-night visit last night with Team Compline after we returned from an excellent service at St. Louis in Austin, and a delightful dinner at Casa McNair. Such a nice day all around, with excellent church services in the morning as well. We did the waffle and berries number this morning and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, our tactical defense shooting session with Rory had to be cancelled due to rain, but we'll do it again, soon. Absolutely zero plans for today as far as we know, but we know that He frequently brings unexpected blessings and pleasures along the way.

Patience is such an important part of living in faith. We're so used to wanting things 'right now' that we forget we don't see the whole picture. Being happy while you wait for an desired matter if it happens or truly the key to happiness, overall. Prayers and blessings out to you, dear reader, and congrats to a certain dude on landing an interview!

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