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And at the end of the day, you have a lovely book of clippings...

Did a little organizing at the chapel this morning, and actually put some photos, invitations, save-the-dates, etc. into the 'scrapbook' for safekeeping. Such a pleasure to be able to roll through this book about every month or so and reflect and remember on such wonderful times these old boards have seen. We are thankful to God for such an opportunity to be the place where so many fun and happy memories have happened! Viva Chapel!

Pretty laid back day, with the most excitement being finding a new bug killer that I'm excited about! Got to enjoy the spa, get some linens done, fiddle with the idea for the new main-house kitchen update, and even did some daydreaming about vacation this summer. Clearly, a stress-filled day....not! Dug some 'new' vintage window treatments out of the 'vintage' bin today for a fresh look for the main house, and actually didn't have to water the gardens, since the rain was quite pronounced last night and early this morning...thank God, again!

Trusting His plan and not forcing our own. It's really quite that simple. If we worry about how things are not turning out the way WE want them, we're really not getting it at all, and every minute we spend worrying about that keeps us from hearing the still, clear voice that's showing us the next step, the fresh approach, the new direction.... Hopefully, you'll go with the flow and hear the direction today! Have a happy and wonderful day in May!

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