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Spring ends and summer slaps you in the face!

Wow. Our first real day of what I'd call 'summer weather', and we're certainly not prepared for it! I feel like this pot of coleus, etc., on the back porch. Kinda dry, kinda tired, kinda....what the heck just happened!?! It's all good, however, on God's green earth........just wasn't QUITE ready for 90 degrees today! Always could be worse (and we'll get there! :)) but it really was a surprise after such temperate and delightful spring weather. Hang on, dear coleus...all will be welllllll.

Busy day, even though there wasn't much travel. Natalie came by for some more measurements, Sheri brought us lunch, and we even had a chance to catch up with Kathi on the phone. All in all......a very productive and enjoyable day. Thinking I may need to run the new irrigation systems this evening, as things probably got pretty dry today with the wind and the temps, but all will be usual. Saying prayers (feel free to join us) as our beloved Miss Portia goes in for some dental work tomorrow....which isn't a big deal, except anytime a small dog goes 'under' for work, there are always risks. She's a trooper, and we know she'll do great. I haven't moved the hamper back in its normal spot after the bedroom redesign last night, so she's having to share her favorite pillow at the moment with her least favorite sister.....Mushroom. It's amazing how well they all get along in tight spaces (think of the 5 of us in the MGB, for example!) and we still all come out clean in the wash. We are truly blessed. Looking forward to hopefully walking tonight and a nice supper and some air-conditioned relaxation after that. Praise Him!

A good man who's not well is in our prayers tonight. It's a necessary reminder that none of us are here forever. Our parts wear out, our CPU's get old and we are then readied for the Ultimate Journey. We pray on, and hope for the best....but the best gift is that we're together in the end! Blessings for comfort, relaxation, and piece of mind for all those reading this post. Bless you!

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