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It's done! The new terrace is finished!

Well, not much of a photo...but we think the functionality of this new area is going to be great. Not only will it make things look nicer by changing some of the drainage pattern on this side of the chapel, it's also a great addition to the 'entrance' to the bridal courtyard. Cool place for an outdoor wedding guest book, maybe a little cocktailing....who knows!?! Ready to start arranging it just right...and this is the time of the year to do it as we start the countdown to Holy Week and gardening season. Although, this winter could just about be considered gardening season, we've been so blessed. We still do not think we've had a hard freeze all winter, based on lantana that are still blooming! What is this, South Florida?!?!!

At least 2 fun-filled visits to the chapel today. It's a vows meeting with J&J and B&E come to make final adjustments to the plan... Also, we've got C&L scheduled for a vows meeting tomorrow so it's just like EVERYONE is getting married around here! :) Looking forward to seeing everyone. Had such a great visit with Tracylynn yesterday when she dropped of the cake for the photoshoot scheduled for tomorrow. It's going to be a busy few days here, and that's just how we LOVE it. Thank you, God!

The Lenten blessings are already unfolding. The older we get, the more we truly appreciate this season of reflection, discipline and honor. Thank you, God, for every blessing you bestow upon us every day...and thank you for the blessings already unfolding during this special season. Blessings to all y'all today!

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