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Love it when it's our turn to cut the cake!

We both love this picture from WHD where we're cutting into Simply Sweet's magical confection containing 70 brides and grooms! I don't know how she and Denise got them all on here, but it sure was fun. I love the fact that 1961 Ken is standing in a Blue Willow plate by himself (problems w/Barbie?...hmmm) with a big glass of red wine next to him! hehehe. Not only did this cake look amazing and somehow fit all these toppers....the taste was tremendous! Three different flavors with fillings galore on each level! Magical. Found out yesterday that Simply Sweet is doing a 'faux' cake for an upcoming bridal photoshoot at the chapel...we know it'll be beautiful....can't wait!

Excited about a special dinner tonight, and actually am making progress on the laundry from the chapel....wooohoo! Plan to get some more done today, and we're also looking forward to our daily 3-mile walk in such sunny, beautiful weather. We think it's supposed to top 70 degrees today....PTL. Plans are really coming together for the abovementioned photoshoot, and it's clear that it'll be an organized and tasteful affair...can't wait! Mrs. Arnaz may be coming home from the shop today...and might even be in the upcoming photo shoot!

Do not fear....He will strengthen you. Without a doubt, and without exception. We love to do our absolute level-best effort at not fearing...and the life provided as a result is amazing! Blessings to everyone for a tremendous end of the week and unexpected gifts!


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