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Our newest, very small spokesman!

Say howdy to our newest communication team member! This little fella was part of the white elephant gift exchange at the Ruiz home, and has really become an unlikely and endearing part of our world around here. It was wonderful for him to communicate the importance of friendship on Christmas Day, and we think he'll be excited to wish everyone a happy new year as well. Welcome, little fella, and thanks for your tireless (and free) promotion of positive ideas! :)

Chilly out there, but not quite as chilly as yesterday. Low key day with lots in the works for tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing former brides/grooms, meeting new potential ones, and doing a little cooking on the side!

Intuitive nature is truly a gift from God. We get better at it if we listen as often as we can. He's speaking to us...preparing us...warning us...blessing us. Can you hear Him? Have a happy final few weekdays before the end of the year! Blessings on you!

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