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A blessing to partner with such a fine car!

While our thoughts are certainly with those affected in Rowlett & Garland, I wanted to post this picture of Ed's beautiful limousine in Georgetown. We hope Salado Limousine becomes very successful, and will work together to make special memories for many.

The tragedy in Rowlett is clearly on our minds. Fortunately, those we know who were in the immediate path of the tornado are ok, but prayers go out for so many others. With this violent weather, comes a major change in ours! Winter is officially here, but arrived in a second front after the devastating weather north of us. We went from a high of 78 yesterday to a low of 33 tonight...and the wind is whipping. Thankfully, I found my favorite winter coat this morning after we've looked for 3 days! It was hung in the closet!!! Who would EVER think to look there in this household! We are hoping to take our walk when Denise gets home from church, and will certainly need to bundle up. Probably not much happening at the chapel today...and will hopefully have a fire going in the bedroom fireplace most of the day! Hoping the weather is good enough for the target shooting scheduled for tomorrow at our range!

Thankful for His healing, care and direction. What life would be like without knowing He is here every minute is impossible for me to imagine.

Prayers to those affected in Rowlett & Garland. Blessings to all for a good Sunday!

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