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Wow! We get fall color at the chapel this year!

Beautiful fall color like this is pretty rare at Caliber Oak. We usually go from the 'heatlamp' season to the 'frozen' season so quickly, that we never really get the gradual cooling that makes for such beautiful foliage. This crepe myrtle didn't really bloom all that much this summer, since it was mighty dry until the fall, but it's made up for it with these beautiful leaves that are on display today. Thank you, God, for such fall beauty!

More setup continues today for L&J's great adventure! We're also addressing the Wedding Homecoming Dinner invitations and have the photography for that night all set. Errands today, getting more stuff done, and planning a visit to CBP...the oldest department store in Texas! AND they gift wrap for sure to support Cochran, Blair & Potts when you're in Belton! Keep the tradition alive! Also wrapping gifts here and being pretty creative this year, if I do say so myself. Also, totally enjoying Jordan Overturf's magic photos from Melinda & Tremaine's special wedding!

Focused prayer for 3 folks we care about last night and this morning. Health issues x3, and it's such a blessing to be able to fall asleep praying for others and wake up doing the same! Praying for excellent outcomes! Have a happy thursday, y'all! Be as colorful at this crepe today!

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