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Ok, not the most exciting picture, but........

The planned terrace on the southeast corner of the chapel is finally being constructed! Nice edging with a decomposed granite finish... We think it'll be just the right spot for outdoor wedding guestbook sign-ins, beverage service, photo ops, etc. AND it keeps the ground from looking messy where the drainage happens naturally. We're giving it a shot, and if the Good Lord washes it all away....we'll go to plan B!

Excellent day at the chapel, since our technician came out this morning and fixed the leaking water line in the chapel refrigerator. This has been going on for about 6 months, and we FINALLY got around to getting it fixed. No more leaking into the fridge and into the freezer and causing the bins to freeze close! It's nice to have the icemaker up and running again, too. A win all the way around with very professional and quick service. Chapel got cleaned today, too! We had such a fun time with Katy here this weekend, and so much enjoyed the evening in Cameron at the gracious home of Monica & Bobby. We're blessed in so many ways.

Patience for his help and healing. It's a great thing to have and something that we practice as much as we can. Love the phrase Blessed Assurance...since I think that says it all. Our prayer for you today is for a happy one where you have so many blessings you cannot even count them!

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