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Everyone needs a little stained glass on Sunday!

This excellent photo of our stained glass window seemed just right for today's cloudy, drizzly Sunday morning. A gift from Mary Helen and Charlie, it is just right for our special place and has looked down over so many weddings, performances, charity events and dinners. We are so appreciative for such a beautiful window.

Got some small cleaning done at the old chapel this weekend, but have been staying up at the house since it's been raining so much (Praise God!) Menu planning, placement, accents, etc. being figured out for a special upcoming event and we're just rolling along, happy to see new bride and groom faces coming for a visit!

Simple blessings. There are too many to count in a day.... Just laying in bed at the main house last night. Warm duvet/comforter, magical spouse, and rain, rain, rain....on the tin roof, flowing into the horse trough in the back garden with the door open all night to listen to the water music. Blessed beyond believe @ 5235! Blessings to everyone as well today....have a great one!

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