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Two Years of Marital Bliss! Love These 2!

We just cannot believe these two have been married for over 2 years! Time flies by so darned fast, it's amazing. What a wonderful wedding day memory, and one of the first weddings with the 1971 Eldorado convertible. Still love the photo of Erin behind the wheel with her 'terrified' bridesmaids in the car! So enjoyed having these two here for Wedding Homecoming Dinner, and hope for many, many more years of their return. Congratulations, E&D! So proud of you both!

Not much shaking at the chapel this week.....didn't even get cleaned! It's all good, everyone and everything need a rest from time to time. We're figuring out our new 'patio' addition to the side and think we've FINALLY come up with the design and materials. Now I just need to get my rear in gear and get to Lowe's or HD to buy 100 edging pavers! least it looks like that might happen thursday or friday!

We so often take things for granted. With two dear friends in the hospital as I type this, I am reminded again that we truly are His property. My prayers for comfort for our two special ones go out on a pretty constant basis, and our hope is for full and fab.u.leaux recovery for them both. Blessings to all for a great day, and don't take a MOMENT of it for granted, please! :)

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