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Congratulations, Kelsey & Dillon!!!

Wow....take a look at Caliber Oak's newest, wonderful couple who came out and booked their very special wedding on Friday! Dillon called us on Friday morning and scheduled a time to come out and take the tour. He and Kelsey came in the afternoon and we had a wonderful visit. They were gone like TEN MINUTES when they were back to do their deposit and set up their layout! about decisive! We're very excited to have them both as the newest members of a very exclusive club....brides and grooms of Caliber Oak! Congratulations to Kelsey & Dillon!

An outstanding weekend all around.....Started off with the wedding booking for K&D, and then the next morning, we headed East on our annual MGB Mini-break. No destination, no expectation...just a quick over-night trip in the old 1977 convertible to see where we end up! We got about 30 miles from town, and "Bridget Jones" (the MG's name!) stalled on the side of the road and we thought the trip was over. We waited, prayed, and thought about it. I even looked under the hood (freakin' pointless!) Well, as He provides so many times....after a possible fuel line clog/block....we were up and running in about 2 minutes, and she never stalled again on the 200 mile trip! We were blessed! Ended up getting to see Lake Limestone for the first time and were able to spend two fun days with each other and discovering new places. We were hoping to do another MG Minibreak in the spring....maybe to explore College Station (we're not sure we've ever been there more than passing through!) so stay tuned to the adventures of a little green British car named Bridget!

We're praying this morning for a dear friend who's facing a health challenge. Blessings to them for healing, comfort and recovery, and blessings to all for an excellent day and outstanding week!

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