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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...Beautiful!

Our thanks to Amanda and Nathan for such a cool mirror that we received the day of their wedding. We're always touched by the thoughtfulness of our brides and grooms. With ALL the crazy stuff they've got to remember, get ready, work on, figure out, make happen....they seem to have the time to get a gift for US! That's amazing, but so are our brides and grooms! This little gem has been placed in the main bath and really brightens up a narrow corner by the window that just seems tailor made for it. Their name is already written on the back, and it will hang for many weddings to come to reflect the love, joy and FUN that happens here all the time! Thanks, Amanda & Nathan!

Rolling right mean FINAL load of linens from last weekend are about done...Praise Him! :) It's not really bad at's always so funny, though, since the fun at the reception seems to go by so quickly, but the laundry plays on! heheheh All is good, and today is a MAJOR setup day for M&D's great adventure. We've got the final tally for the big day and we're going for it. Most of the layout/setup will be done today, with finishing touches happening all week long. So looking forward to it. Special help is coming to make it happen. We need to water today, as the ground is SO dry.... Truly could use rain, and now there's allegedly pretty much 0% chance for any for the next 10 days. Say a prayer for some wet stuff, please! (Ok, maybe not for M&D's big day, but just about any other time :))

Do not fear...He will strengthen you. I was asked yesterday to do what I consider a difficult task, and immediately asked Him for strength to complete it. Within 1 hour, I was completely confident of my ability to pull this off AND was reminded of the phrase he visited me with earlier this year. Do not fear...He will strengthen you. Give it a shot. It's amazing! Blessings to all for a great Wednesday!

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