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Hot and Wonderful Wedding Day!

Well, when we planned Saturday's big wedding, we figured the cooler autumn temperatures would be here. Not. :) It was a balmy 93 degrees outside under the old oak chandelier trees but no matter...they're married and we all survived! A wonderful day with very nice folks. Congratulations, Christina and Brandon, and many years of happiness!

Well, setup is already being started for our next wedding, and we're looking forward to that as well. Maybe it'll be less hot? Let us pray! Everything is getting all cleaned and prettied today for T&S's big day, and I'm blessed to be getting some help this week to make it happen even easier. No rain in the forecast, I don't think, but that'd be great before the wedding to green things up a little more, but no matter.......we'll have a wonderful day.

Turning it over to Him. That's the secret...even when your BP jumps a little over a situation, change, relationship, etc....the sooner we can say to ourselves..., "He's got this"...the happier we'll be! Blessings to all for a tremendous week of happiness, and Happy Autumn pretty soon!

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