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Say Howdy to Caliber Oak's Newest!

It's official...Amy and Rory have set the date for their upcoming wedding...not that I could have stopped her if I wanted to!!! lol! Amy called us while we were on the Alaskan cruise and set up her appointment time for the chapel. The excitement built and built, and by the time Amy, Rory and Lisa got here last friday, she was ready to skip the tour to get the booking sheet started! Only kidding, but JUST about! We couldn't be more thrilled with their enthusiasm and appreciation for our special space. Rory is a mighty cool guy as well. We know their special day will be terrific! Congrats, you two!

Great photo session last evening with Whitney & Jonathan and I even got a bunch of work done at the chapel during the session. Looking forward to their special day, and it's hard to believe that it's almost here.

Looking forward to a fun evening of rehearsal for "Scenes From" on August 9th. If you haven't contacted the lovely Miss Denise at 254.760.1590, there's still time to reserve your spot for the fun benefitting Wags, Hope and of our favorite rescue agencies for pups.

Taking each day as it comes, just as He provides it. Not forcing it, but using our gifts. The best recipie for life. Blessings to all for a wonderful Wednesday!

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