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Test driving her getaway car!

Guess who came to visit this morning?!? The delightful Rachael, who selected her items for the big day. We brought the Cadillac down, since she and Andrew are going to be driven off in it after their reception. What a delightful girl and a swell family. We're already looking forward to a tremendous wedding day for these two!

Had a wonderful visit with Emily & Bryan last night. Another delightful couple to visit Caliber Oak. Gotta love a groom carryin' a .45 cocked and locked under his shirt. We know where a groom like that needs to be married!

We have the distinct pleasure of meeting Jaime and Jeremiah later today, and are looking forward to that. Lots of comings and goings at the chapel, and that's just hoe we love it!

New adventures abound, and don't forget.....whereever you are, He is there before you. Fear not, and be strengthened!

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