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Where else would you have a 'rehearsal dinner'?

The Scenes From acting team is busy at work preparing for our August 9th benefit performance. Ok, maybe in this picture, we're not hard at work, but we're at least thinking about it. Our beloved Jody and Gary Askins were here to down a little pasta and vino before we tackled the scripts for the charity event to benefit Wags, Hope and Healing. Such a fun evening! Don't miss it!

Excited to have extra help in getting things done today, and the MGB even has a new, inflated (remarkable!) spare tire! Been productive all morning, and we'll see what the afternoon has in store. A special friend is bringing a late lunch, and we look forward to the visit.

Excited to meet the catering lead person for our next wedding tomorrow, and we also get to visit with a bride and groom for their final planning, and a brand new couple considering the chapel for their big day. God is good, all the time!

Don't forget to believe in yourself! Believe in the mistakes... the blunders... and triumphs. But most importantly, be sure to believe in the Grace that makes it ALL possible! Have a hangin' Thursday, dudes! Cool. ...yeah, Cool.

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