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One of my favorite chapel photos, ever!

Does this girl look happy, or what? Such an excellent shot of an excellent bride. Just thought I'd share this pic of Jamie, since it's just so good. Blessings to she and Cameron!

Sunshine out there today, so the HOPE is that I can get the lawn mowed before the next rain showers. Let us pray.

Working on plans today for the new service area expansion on the back of the chapel. More storage, washer/dryer on site, another sink, freezer for ice, etc. Should be a fun project!

Hopefully, will also get some ferns repotted in the new 'bucket planters' I stencilled last week. Lots of projects that are taking some time to get done, but it's all good.... He's got a plan and we just follow it.

Wedding set up is DONE for K&T's big day! Have a few things on that prep checklist to do as well....but we're completely on schedule. Sounds like I need to get off the blog and get some chores done!

Blessings to everyone today.... Hope you have a fun, faith-filled day!

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