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Wedding Wonderfulness!

Now that I FINALLY have a chance to get back to the blog, we have to start by congratulating Angie and James on their wonderful wedding on Saturday. They were a delight to work with and we think the result was 'fairytale'. Ok, those aren't OUR words, but that's what Angie texted me on Sunday. We're so thrilled these two tied the knot at our special place, and know they'll be GREAT for each other as they move forward in the adventure we call life.

So much has happened since last week. Rain. Rain. Rain.......but again, NOT complaining. A&J's wedding was non stop rain and right in the middle of preparations, the chapel almost lost power three times and the limousine wouldn't start. What did the bride do when she heard about it?!??? Laughed along with me! THIS is why we are so blessed with just the right brides at Caliber Oak.... Kinda picky, but we end up with the BEST!

Some incredible BBQ walked the boards this weekend and we certainly didn't go hungry. The team making saturday night's wedding a reality were FIVE star and the hostess on Sunday was incredible. We're always so proud that we're able to share our genuine desire for hospitality while we can help make a day the very finest for our special couples. God has blessed us richly!

What does the rest of the week bring?!?!? God's blessings in abundance. Setting up already for the wonderful K&T wedding this weekend, and rain won't scare us again! Looking wet for their day, but no matter. With this couple, NOTHING can damper the love and fun we're going to be surrounded with.

Blessings to all for an excellent day, and heartfelt prayers going out to friends of friends who were lost in yesterday's horrific storms. God bless them each.

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