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Finally back in the blog saddle!

After a fairly long absence, I've finally got a chance to add to the running ocmmentary of life at the chapel! First of all, I have to post our in-house amateur picture of Ann & Drew just seconds after their ceremony!

Some of the coolest wedding clothes, ever....her dress was very vintage and 'old west', and needless to say, our cowboy groom looked excellent in his vintage attire. Very wonderful wedding of two very nice people! The rain even held off for the ceremony and reception! We're hoping for the same miracle this weekend!

Working on taxes today....running out of time! Got just about everything set up we could do in advance for this weekend's very special and beautiful wedding. The rain chance is down to 50% for the wedding, so we're hoping.....

Had an excellent visit with Margarita & David this week, and they're all set to book their wedding in the next 24 hours! Woohoo! Should be a really great event, and the food sounds incredible already! Love us some culture!

Bowling was great yesterday, and although my score wasn't as good as it has been...(I blame the chardonnay!) it was another fun outing and some good excercise! Blessings to everyone for a tremendous Thursday and a wonderful weekend!


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