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Rainy but Wonderful...

Well, the raindrops are falling outside the chapel today, but that isn't dampening our spirits inside. This weekend's wedding already looks beautiful. With Sheri's help yesterday, we got to set up quite a bit and our bride's selection of china patterns and colors really came together to create an elegant look. Lots already done, more to do to make the day picture perfect.

We're still hoping for an outdoor ceremony, but aren't holding our breath! :)

Congratulations to Caitlyn & Corey on the booking for their upcoming wedding!

It was a delight to meet with Caitlyn & Cathy yesterday to go over the details for the event and we know it'll be just right. We're so blessed that God sends us just the right brides and grooms to celebrate the first day of their lives together at the chapel. Considering we don't advertise, we've got the best Marketing Director possible! :) Special thanks to Dolores Marshall of the Spring House in Salado, who heard of the family's need for a special wedding location and immediately called me! Dolores is a special friend to the chapel, and has provided so many geneous touches to the decor! Congratulations to C&C on their wedding journey.

Still working on an organization for our next 'wine & cheese' mixer. It's so fun having groups come out as our guests so that they can enjoy some 'wind down' time after work and experience the chapel at the same time. Our friends at the Belton Journal were here for the last W&C event, and we're working on another group. If you know of a work group that would love to have a fun afternoon gathering at the chapel....just let us know!! Blessings to all and stay dry and warm!

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