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Today is already turning out to be a great day! Not only did I have great coffee and cereal to start the day, I'll be spending it in our beloved chapel, mostly getting ready for a much-anticipated wedding this weekend. First, however, the delightful C.Y. & C.Y. are coming by with a little thing we like to call a 'booking deposit' to secure the date for a tremendous wedding for C&C! We knew they were destined for Caliber Oak the minute we met them, and her mom and grandmother were a delight as well. It's such a treat to meet such caring, mature and responsible young people through our chapel. This bride is extra-special, and amazes me with her compassion and maturity beyond her years. Congratulations to C&C, and we know they're going to have many happy years together!

The rest of the day will be spent with our special volunteer, Sheri, in the creation of this weekend's ceremony and reception format. Tables, chairs, linens, dishes, flatware, glasses, etc. etc. etc. will all be lovingly and carefully prepared for N&DJ's big day. We're still watching the weather for the hoped outdoor ceremony, but the chances are looking WAY better than they did last week! At least the prediction isn't 19 degrees and snow......although with the way the weather has been going around here lately, nothing would surprise any of us! Thankfully, our bride, N, is completely fine with letting God decide the weather, since He's already blessed her with DJ and a very special wedding day! Blessings to all!

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