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Wanted to add another Alyssa & Grant engagement session photo. Their wedding was so beautiful!

Many of you know that I haven't darkened the door of a Catholic church in a bit. No hard feelings (much) but between covey response and the like, it just didn't work out for a long while. The exception was my humble appearance for Alyssa & Grant's wedding. I was swept away with awe and grandeur and sang super loud and annoyingly as is my Faith. :) Thanks to the Tavarez/Snyder team for including us in the big weekend and inviting us to the wedding. I didn't have to lift. a. finger. for the wedding, which is a rare treat for me! :)

Chapel life continues on it's merry groove, and we had a wonderful bible study last night. We're excited about our upcoming visit and inquiries, and cannot wait for Sunday's fundraiser games night, and think we've got at least 15-25 folks attending. Putting together names and numbers now, so if you can make it this Sunday the 31st @ 4p, please do! You won't be able to stop smiling. It's fun!

Otherwise, Mrs. Boss is just working diligently with the wet stuff to keep things alive in the chapel flowerbeds. A small drippy faucet attached to the hose has actually helped in the summer from hades, since it very slowly drips water into the flowers/trees/shrubs around the chapel foundation, and since Mrs. Boss moves it each day, it's really helping. Who knew that plumbing drips could be such a blessing!

Otherwise, absolutely nothing to report. Truly excited about our next SHINDIG @ the chapel, since we adore this couple and their families. We love our ministry here. Can you tell? Have a great day, don't burn your feet on the pavement, and drink something cool. Fall is coming, just not for a while (sadness). Blessings on all y'all!


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