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Roz is on the Blo-oggg! She' a sucker for a pretty car, but ballplaying always comes first!

We're so pumped that our little bible study, ball-playing cookie cutter is headed to Weatherford College on a tremendous scholarship to play for their team! She has worked hard to get where she is, and there are GREAT things in her future! Maybe one day she'll be married at the chapel and have a magical wedding day, but there are a lot of innings, exams, degrees, and other elements to pursue before then! Let's not rush this! :) Anyway, she saw the Eldorado with a freshly washed finish, courtesy of Chloe's efforts and immediately wanted a photo taken with the drop-top beauty! They're perfect for each other, and we're so proud that Roz comes to bible study with or without parental units, and is always a very welcome addition. If everyone this age could be as focused, capable, strong, faith-filled, and kind as this slugger, the world would be in a far better place right now! Thankfully, she's a great role model for many at her school and on her teams. It's going to be hard to see her loading up and heading to Weatherford this summer, but it's all for good and it's part of her growing up and life adventures! It'll also give us an excuse to come to games up there to see how she's doing! Bible Study Field Trip! WOOOHOOO!

Well, the tent is down from L&K's great adventure, and things have returned to normal. All of the linens that were accidentally driven away by the cleanup team have been returned (oh joy, more laundry!) so we're made whole again. We're thankful that the wedding was Saturday during the mildly irritating gusty winds, rather than on Sunday with the truly nasty will.not.stop.blowing winds, that made it hard to even put away tables, chairs, linens, etc. Thankfully, the winds were not quite as bad for the tent disassembly team yesterday.

Ok, well, I'm off for washup and errands, so I've got to run! Holy Week, and the chapel is the place to be. Just a few more days until Easter, and it's hard to believe! Come see us! Blessings on you!


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