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Not to brag, but the small details, personal attention and vintage quality of the chapel...priceless

The Magnolia Studio (still miss those kids!) may have relocated to East Texas, but they're still close to our heart, since they took such amazing establishment shots of the chapel that have been used in video, print, and promotional materials many times. (Our business cards show off a M. S. design that is tremendous!) This is just one of those timeless, detail shots that create a feel of comfort, hospitality and charm. Our collection of 'blue and white' miss-matched vintage cups and saucers may not be priceless French antiques, but it is funny how some of them are actually VERY valuable to collectors and they sit right next to the $1 finds from the flea market so beautifully! This rack of porcelain beauties dangle enticingly from the lower edge of the kitchen cabinet near the ranges (Fred McNair would be proud that I didn't call them 'stoves'!) just waiting for a hot cup of Earl Grey, coffee, or cider. This weekend's event for the Temple South Rotary Club will have cups and saucers, but this particular collection didn't quite make the cut with our colors this time. Soon, my little pretties, soon you'll be back at tea......

Hope all of our beloved faithful chapel fans are doing well. Everything seems wonderfully in place for the TSRC event this weekend, and we so appreciate the help received in making that happen. The queen of the hop is even going to come back and help us set up for NEXT week's event, which just shows a great deal of class with buttercream class icing! So much fun to get to visit.

If you get a chance to 'stroll' our fair Village this weekend, we appreciate it! Small mom & pops like their shops and our magical spot only exist if you cherish and love on them like fine china cups from a century ago. Blessings to one and all, and have a great weekend!


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