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The 3 Amigas in formation for the new year!

Well, the ladies kind of look like a window display here, but they were actually waiting on their newest groom, Lon, to come and visit! Congratulations to Cathy & Lon on their upcoming wedding, and we couldn't be more thrilled that they've selected our chapel. After seeing our special place at Noelle & Brian's wedding, Cathy knew this was it! We've fallen in love with Lon, as well, and know their day will be very special, classy, and a tremendous memory for all of us. Congratulations, again, C&L!

Since this is the first post of the new year and we're already 4 days into it, you can imagine that things have been busy. Besides booking Cathy & Lon, we've worked out the vows for Jessica & Tyler, and survived another NYE celebration! Got some good-weather pistol shooting in yesterday, and Noelle did VERY well with the 9mm. Looking forward to more shooters at the ranch this year. Wedding homecoming dinner numbers keep rolling up, and it looks like we may have an amazing guest count of 60 this year! Wow! So thrilled our special brides and grooms can return to the scene of the 'crime' for this wonderful reunion. Also received tremendous news yesterday, that our goddaughter Melanie Hronek is going to have a BABY! Baby girl Hronek is due just 2 short days before our 30th wedding anniversary this summer...and that seems fitting, as we held her at her baptism just before we were married those same 30 years ago! Where has the time gone!??! Congratulations, Mel & Jake, and we know that baby is going to be gorgeous!

As I shared with a friend's such a relief to be able to let go of a burden that has been trailing us as we've lugged it around for so long. The concept of 'letting go' and 'letting God' is alive and well. We have the power to decide that we will not allow baggage to be handled. Here's hoping you're travelling light in the baggage department today, and that your moments are filled with blessings and awe for His grace and creation!

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