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"What will it take to put YOU in some Cadillac, today?"

Wow, cap can really rock the double-chin New Jersey used car dealer when he has to, I guess. Yikes. It was our first date out to MCT's "Noises Off" in Miss Alice Fleetwood, and we wanted to capture the shot for posterity. Miss Fleetwood got all kinds of new, excellent insurance from Mr. Ray yesterday, so she's ready to have a few minor things worked on and do some more rolling... Her first wedding is coming up and she's REALLY excited!

Not much going on chapel-esque today. Planning to do an hour walk, and fiddle around. Sheri helped put up the new 'privacy curtain' to hide our junk on the shelves in the first kitchen cabinet, and it turned out pretty great. A little chilly here today, but that's this time of year. So looking forward to having K&G bring the parental units out very soon...and we're excited to meet them. Such a special couple.

Prayers continue...focusing on key folks in need each morning and evening really makes a difference for me. It keeps them in my heart and in my thoughts, and the Big Guy already knows how much we care for them. Thank you for his wisdom, discernment and love. Blessings to all today....and read at least ONE line of C.S. Lewis off of Google. It'll be like a warm blanket around your shoulders by the fire in an English wingback..... I think I'll make some tea....

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