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Here's a blast from the past I just stumbled on this morning. They look like they're 12 years old!


This is a fun photo from a great day. John and Jolene's wedding! That glass of lemonade on the left looks mighty enticing, and both of these two lovebirds look like they're teens. We're so glad to have them around as much as we do, and they've been ever so helpful in keeping things rolling for us, on and off the chapel stage! Viva Bruce!

Well, otherwise, we're just rolling along and getting ready for D&C's great day! Chair covers are done, linens are going on the tables, and buffet has been steamed. Chloe is coming today to help, and Mrs. Boss is going to assist as well. Many hands make light work. Jolene came and helped last night, and it made a difference! We love all the help we can get! Let us know if you're bored, and we'll put you to work! :)

Still haven't planted the things I'd planned to in front of the chapel, but there's still time before the weekend. I'm not holding my breath, but just realized that Clemente is coming tomorrow, and we probably could get that done then...thank God! I just put it on the 'to do' list!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and don't forget bible study on Sunday, if that floats your spiritual boat! Make it a great one today!


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