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Will is kind of blurry here, but Megan looks good! My picture was off, but this wedding=on point!

It just couldn't have gone better! These are the words we love hearing from our brides, grooms and parents. Saturday night's festivities were no exception. Literally, not one surprise or hiccup on this end, and the guests had a WILD time with fun music, beverages and LOTS of dancing. The bride and groom post partied at another location until the wee hours, and we know an absolutely great time was had by all. This wedding was also blessed with tremendous groomsmen who were very, very helpful in making sure thing happened and helping to do the 'tear down', which is always part of the 'fun?'. They were wonderful, and it was a joy to work with the parents of these two as well. I had a great shot of Will, but Megan was blurry in that one, so I blame the bad photographer! :) Megan looked great. Relaxed, elegant and vintage, and Will just looked snappy as all get out. Their staged departure turned out great, and nobody fell off the motorcycle! It also never made it to the road, since it was primarily for photography purposes. Many great wishes and prayers to these two as they start the grandest of adventures together!

We're back at it again today, and looking forward to D&P's big day. We'll start setting up this evening, since Elena has already made the chapel shiny and ready for presentation.

Hope that everyone has an excellent week! Talk with you soon!


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