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Who says we wouldn't remember to continue the blog after such a long absence!??!??!?! Looky here!

This shot from Jarrah and Mike's wedding captures all the warm and cozy fall feels for me. Love the taper candles and hope they're making a comeback. I need to find some flameless tapers like these so that we can use them more often around here. The chairs are just right and the whole thing is mighty warm and inviting! The weather outside today certainly reflects that with a bit of dampishness from yesterday's rain, a current temp in the 50's and a projected low of 43 tonight! Yikes! Winter wedding weather is upon us!

We're gearing up for the event on Sunday, and just about done. Cocktail tables to be stored, flowers to be found and food to be prepared, but otherwise, we're good. Chloe was a tremendous help last night in making setup happen by steaming chair covers and putting away chairs that weren't needed. We just couldn't pull off these amazing events without help like hers.

Silver trays, teapots and pitchers are all standing in a queue, waiting for their chance at the Wright's silver polish. Such a nice chance to knock the dust off so many items, and I think we're pretty well organized. Still need to make something happen with the front zinna portion of our program, since it's looking kind of sad, but temps in the 40's/50's tend to keep the Ol' Cap out of the garden quite nicely! All will be well.

Also looking forward to bible study on Sunday, and hope you'll attend if you're interested....Just let us know. There's always great food and fellowship to be shared.

In other news, we're steaming towards S&R's big day, and 3 Christmas parties. Looking forward to it. I don't know if I mentioned yesterday, but the new 'rose' linens in the chapel look amazing. I'll agree with Mary Jo Roberts........maybe they're not just right for a Christmas celebration, but I have a feeling we'll be pairing them with lots of other colors. Snappy.

Coffee urn is on the kitchen counter, and I just realized that it probably won't get put away until after December 15! Every event between now and then will be using it, and the Christmas items will be coming down immediately following S&R's wedding so that we're ready for Christmas party action. The main-house Christmas decor is already coming down today (which is highly unusual for us) since we've got the Bruce's Family Photo Shoot coming up before long, and need to do a little preparation.

It really is hard to believe the official 'holiday' season starts this month. Where did this year go? Oh well, it's been a great one, and many wonderful couples have been tied together in the bonds of matrimony here at the chapel. It's like a 'holding cell' of love! Hope your day is amazing, and that everything goes just right. We're also looking forward to seeing some of our soulmates this weekend from "The 713" for a special visit. God is good - all the time! Talk to you more soon! Come visit!


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