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Where does the time go? This photo is about to be TEN years old in just 11 short days! Amazing!

Cheyenne and Chris will be married 10 years on 4/12/22, and it's hard to imagine. We still have a copy of their 'save the date' engagement photo in the crazy bathroom in the chapel, and there's no way this has been 10 years! This was the very first outdoor ceremony we had ever had at the chapel after the clearing of the scrub cedar on the south side of the building. They're living in west Texas, and the coolest part is that they're coming to visit us the weekend of their 10th anniversary! How cool is that?!?! We cannot believe how many special couples want to come back and re-connect with their special chapel beginning and the two of us. It's truly flattering, and a whole bunch of fun! We cannot wait!

Zinnia planting time at the chapel! Got some in yesterday, and the plan is to continue today in the next hour or so. Can't wait for the lovelies to bloom, as they're just about our favorite flowers ever. We've gotten almost all the laundry done from D&C's big wedding day, and it won't be long before we start setting up for L&K's great adventure. Love this time of year, since the weddings come fast and furious, and there's never a dull moment! I could use some foot liniment during and after the events (do they still make that?!?) but it's worth every sore muscle and every step to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that our bride and groom have the best day ever.

Mrs. Boss is off to an estate sale after her walk to get some stuff she found, and I guess I'll continue with the laundry here at the house. Final whites and ivories are in the wash, so the end is near! I'll have to be reminded of what color linens L&K are using, but I think Denise said that it's an ivory wedding, so I'll have to be at the ready! No problem! We're always ready for fun here.

We're also thrilled that the driveway is doing so well even with the rain we've had, and we're hoping that the next real downpour doesn't wash anything away. It feels more solid than it has, so that's a good thing!

Ok, off to do other projects and tasks! Maybe even some time in the hot tub. I'm curious about the foot liniment, now! :) Blessings to all!


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