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What in the BLAZES?!?!? The temperature at the chapel is supposed to be 99 degrees tomorrow?!?!?

Ok, so tomorrow's high is 99 and the next day is the first day of fall?!!?? What is a bride to do when planning her wedding in this roller coaster Texas weather? She has to be flexible! At least we won't have any brides melting this weekend at the chapel, but the Garden of Hope fundraiser will be a bit more toasty than expected at 96 degrees on Thursday!?!? Amazing. We really thought we were done with this, but we'll ask the zinnias to hold on another week until things cool down a bit!

Hope you're enjoying your Tuesday very much! Not too much going on at the chapel today....glassware, dishware and steaming in preparation for our special guests this week. We're looking forward to helping to make the G.O.H. event a smash hit, and don't forget, it's not to late to register to be here to support such an excellent cause!

Taking another fern down to the chapel today, I hope, and hanging it on display for the fall season. Maybe it'll encourage cooler temps? Riiiiiiiiight. Oh well, it beats freezemageddon, for sure!

Have a great middle of the week, do something new and exciting today, and don't forget to thank God Himself for every breath you take! Life is great when you're thankful! Later, y'all!


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