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Well, when you don't have wedding photos to share, you share goofy pictures from the seed swap!

Lisa earned the title of "Succulent Whisperer" during the seed swap this fall, and it kinda stuck. We were so glad she came, and she brought all kinds of her signature succulents to share! Fun times, and the plant/garden nerds that we are.......we're already looking forward to the next swap on February 19th!

All is excellence in chapel land! Got to visit with Nicole yesterday when she came by for her 1-month out visit. All seems to be in order, and I know she and G are going to have a wonderful wedding day. They both deserve it. They've had some tough times with stuff in the last year, and have been in our prayers. The wedding day is a chance to make everything new! We know we'll have a great time!

I took a fern from the circle in front of the house to the chapel yesterday evening to freshen up the front of the building, and it looks pretty good. I'm planning to put 5 or 6 more down there, since more folks will get to enjoy them there than here at the house. We're gearing up, starting Monday, for the G.O.H. fundraiser, and we've also gotten some communique smattering from Ranger, TX's one and only band director about having some type of fundraiser at the chapel to buy instruments for the band kids. That sounds like a fun event, for sure! Love being involved in so many worthwhile things and activities. Makes us feel like we're really giving back, which is what it's all about.

Ok, it's coffee time for me. Hope you have a day filled with all sweetness and no thorns! Blessings on you until we talk again!


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