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Well, a short post is better than no post? Gotta get ready for a big day today, so will type fast!

Hey and howdy to all our beloved chapel fans today! This picture is of Emmy Lou wearing the new magnetic signs for the very first time this morning in a fitting.

Obviously, I should have ordered her magnetic signs in a slightly smaller size, but they seem to work on the rear 'pontoon' fenders kinda ok, even if they're a bit large for the doors. I'll experiment as usual and figure out where one or two of them can go. I haven't seen them on the '73 Fleetwood or the '71 Eldorado yet, but they looked kind of bossanova on the back door of the Town Car. The color and design really turned out kinda neat, so that's all good!

We're just rolling along here at our favorite place on earth, and getting ready for an annual event, and gearing up for yet another tremendous wedding. The place looks great at the moment, since new linen colors and accents are set up and there are flowers and food and wine on the way. Does life get better than that?

Speaking of EmmyLou........she got back from the shop yesterday and truly has never run so beautifully. We can't wait to get her into her next photo opportunity, since the color and shape of her appeals to so many brides. Besides that, she's just a fun ol' gal to have around the chapel to bring a smile or a quick ice cream trip to the Village!

Otherwise, we're busy..........lots of silver polishing on my agenda for today, which is actually ok, since that's a chore that I really don't mind. I think it's because I didn't grow up in a home that had much of the stuff that it feels really cool to polish old, antique heirlooms and newer plated pieces to a warm glow. Kinda makes me feel ritzy-bougie! Everything looks better served on a silver platter, from drinks to snacks. It's fun to think about how many times we've used our personal silver trays, coffees, pitchers, teapots, cakestands, etc. etc. ect. at absolutely no charge to our brides or charities, and how much 'class' it has added to events. It's always fun making things look special for a couple's biggest of days. My feet are going to hurt at the end of their event either way, so we might as well have shiny silver on hand to make things look great in the meantime. We've been so blessed recently with lovely silverplate pieces from Rachel & Company, so they've already been added to the mix and will be enjoyed greatly this weekend and beyond. We are so blessed with so many wonderful things to share.

Still need to get the deceased zinnias out of the front flower bed before Sunday, and figure out what to put there for that event and S&R's wedding next week. Divine inspiration will come to us, as it always does, and we might even have the solution right here near the greenhouse. If not, we'll figure something out so that it looks welcoming and tidy. Let us pray!

Ok, well, I've got to get ready for the dentist.........yes, fans, even the best venue owners in the business have to get in the chair from time to time. Yikes! It's all good, since our dentist is a neighbor and his lovely wife is a chapel fan, too! If you're looking, look no further than the highly recommended Dr. Richard Fossum! He's the bomb and it's almost not scary going to see him. Almost. Later, my wedding-loving taters, and hope to chat at you again tomorrow! Blessings!


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