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Wedding party DEUX! This time it's personal! We cannot wait for the second act to start on stage!

Ok, so most brides and grooms have their wedding ceremony and reception on the same day. Nope. Not these two. They're very wonderful and very creative and very smart! They said, "Cap, can we hurry up and get married so we can have one household for expenses, and then have our party 3 months later?!??" I was like, wait, wha? But THEN, they convinced me that it was a really smart thing to do, and we're counting down the days to this shindig, and we know it'll be fun and fantastico all at the same time! These two are special, and I'm special needs, so the fit is perfection! See you soon, Taylor and Daniel!

Otherwise, just keeping things alive with a bit of Mrs. Boss watering these days. Looking forward to Sunday's Slice of Heaven games day and it looks like we've got over 30 souls in the house already. If you're interested, give me a text at 254 718 0680 and we'll get you on the list, as we need a good head count for food and beverages. We're hoping to hit a grand for the charity this weekend, but we'll be happy with whatever we end up getting, and we're always amazed at the generosity of our patrons and friends! Thank yew!

Ok, time for me to get busy with other things that have to be done before Sunday's main event! Blessings on all you chapel supporters out there, and thanks for tuning in. It's a special place! You know it, and we do too!!!!!!! Later!


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