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We would have never thought of white picket fence sections with lazy greenery and sunflower cheer!

Deborah was pretty danged creative with this picket fence idea. I saw the sections in Carl's truck, and she had told me about it, but I wasn't really focusing on the look. When I came outside, I was totally amazed at how welcoming and intimate it made the bridal courtyard space! As the officiant, it was fun to stand in the middle of this whole decor-0-rama excitement for the vows! Really neat idea and we're always learning from our brides. We always say....we had the vision to go from a prickly pear patch to the chapel that stands in its place today, and now our brides take that platform and bring it up to the next level with their creative and fun ideas for their big days! Neato!

All is wonderful in chapel land. I need to run some linens so that we can keep the laundry production line rolling! It all gets done it it's time, but it's also nice to not have 'back to back' weekly weddings as we mature, since we don't have to 'hustle' quite so quickly so that we have plenty of time to get things sorted out.

Still have to plant zinnia seeds in the front of the chapel, and that COULD happen today, depending on weather, wind, etc. It's hard to imagine, but seed planting was actually put on hold yesterday due to WIND! I attempted to prep a couple of beds for the little, fragile zinnia seeds, and they never made it to the ground in the right spot. Gusts of wind would come up and blow the seeds away from the planting medium. It looks calmer out there today, so hopefully, we can get some of that done. The sooner we get those lovely seeds in the ground, the more quickly we'll end up with the sturdy, colorful blooms that are our perennial favorites around here!

Ok, need to run. Enjoy your day, find the positive and the good in everything you can, and don't forget to take time to reflect on how truly blessed you are! Ciao, y'all!


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