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We took a little artistic license with the photo editor, but love the whole concept and look!

Ok, I guess photo editing is kind of 'cheaty', but it certainly created a vibe. Love the warm lighting, the tones and the richness of the shot. It feels like some kind of little forest gnome is going to come riding out on a magical jackalope, right? The neat thing about the flowers for Megan and Will's wedding is that they were NOT the norm for this time of year. Frequently, florals follow season, and there are a lot of velvet-covered pumpkins utilized in October and November. NOT this weekend. The flower had a definite springtime feel and function and went absolutely perfectly with the 'mismatched' bride's maid's dresses. We were taken back by how visionary and complete the look was when the flowers and the female bridal party were all together. Amazing. The wedding really was flawless and very, very nice. We're always up for a fairytale ending! :)

Well, progress has already begun on D&P's event this weekend. Clean chapel, linens being steamed and about 4 hours of preparation work on the docket for today. Steaming the chair covers is always the most challenging of the tasks, and everyone is always glad when THAT part is finished. The theme is definitely not run.of.the.mill, which is fun and gives a chance for some creative license. We know the weekend will be wonderful and fun, and that's really what it's all about!

Otherwise, last night's rain did wonders for the grounds around the chapel, and we're hoping the turkey foot is done growing for the season due to lower temps? We shall see by friday!

Blessings to one and all for a great week, and if you need us, we'll be the folks working the commercial steamers, chasing the wrinkles away (on the linens, not the elderly!) lol! I wish is were that easy! :)


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