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We really like this photo. Sets the tone, we look exclusive and classy, and it's a great memory!

The wreath lends a mightyfine United Kingdom or French feel to the wedding day of K&L, and really sets off the antique chateau fencing beautifully. It looks like the kind of setup where if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it! Buttttt, everyone knows it's just the opposite, and we enjoy making our venue affordable and accessible to just the right folks. As I snatched $X,XXX from a bride's hand this morning (Thanks, Paige! :)) I thought to myself, really couldn't do this for less anywhere else with anything close to this effect! PTL!

The crazy, tornadoey weather got a little too close for comfort yesterday afternoon, but we emerged unscathed (Praise God x 2!) even thought the Toyota Tundra (official truck of The Chapel at Caliber Oak) was the only vehicle left out in the elements, no hail damage! When the little hail balls were whacking the tin on the front porch of the house yesterday evening, I wouldn't have bet on no damage! We are truly thankful.

Otherwise, still tidying up smallishly from bible study and won't be having it this week due to Easter! The chapel will be left out of the Easter celebration at this point, unless the weather takes a wild and nasty turn before Sunday.

We hope everyone is doing ok, has small damage from the storms (Sorry about your fancy car, Jarrah....ouch!) and is appreciating how badly it could have gone. Have a great mid-week, plan a Holy Thursday church attendance if you can, and we'll see you closer to the big day of Resurrection!


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