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This photograph from 2020 came up on my feed today and I think it speaks Hope to me. Hope is best!

We have been influenced by so many thoughts, words and deeds at our beloved chapel in the past 11 years, that the photo featured makes sense. The word that came to mind was hope.

Our good friend and partner in multiple bridal crimes, Terri Cousins used this word very emphatically a couple of weeks ago during a bible study discussion, and it has resonated with me. Since I have paid attention to the word, I realize how much it means to all of us.

When a couple is joined, officially, at the chapel... It's about the only thing they can hang their hats on. They hope for a great life together. They hope for continued love. They hope there's enough in the gift card box to cover the caterer's bill (love that one)! But in reality, that's what the chapel also offers....hope. Hope that you'll never be alone, hope that this day is the beginning of an amazing new life, and hope for a marital friendship like they've never known before. Powerful stuff, but as always, that's what forms us! We hope that all of our brides, grooms, relatives, whomever.... find hope on a daily basis. Fight for it, own it and retain it. It's who we are as people and how we find our way.

Wow! Pretty deep there, Captain Rick! Well, some days you just feel it. All is well in chapel land, and we had to reschedule Taylor & Mom today due to weather concerns, but we'll be up and working on it very soon. Deb came by to give us money for her wedding yesterday, which is ALWAYS fun for us! :) We know her special day will be amazing.

Got to run, but keep hoping.......never give up! Who knows what's just around the corner!?!?? It could be a taco truck! Woohooo!


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