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Sometimes, the parents of the bride are people you end up seeing all the time! Another chapel perk!

Bryan and Stacy married off Celestine quite some time ago, but we're glad they stuck around! Bryan leads our excellent bible study group, and they both are part of the Motley Book Club! They've danged near spent as much time at the chapel as we have since we've met! This is the part of the whole wedding experience that washes over into real life and genuine friendship. I don't know of another venue like it. Each bride or grooms parents don't have to fall in love with us, but the good ones have! LOL! We're excited about this weekend's fundraiser for Taylor Bears @ the chapel. Don't forget to check the chapel event page and then give Miss Denise a shout for an RSVP! This event combines the effort of 3 different Caliber Oak wedding families! Rugh's are making it happen, Welge's are part and parcel to the effort, and Lori and 713 have already given $500 for the effort!!! We're up to $750 and haven't even started playing the games. God is good all the time. We're so thankful to have these great families in our collection, and none of it would have happened without wedding bells. We NEVER forget it, and it's what makes us do 130% to make every wedding smooth and special! So danged blessed!

Otherwise, just attempting to keep things watered down at the chapel (Miss Denise loves the heat!).... This is the slow, 'way too hot for a wedding' time of the year, but it never fails....we'll probably end up with one next month! We're always cocked and loaded for the next wonderful couple who falls in love with our very special place!

Have a wonderful day, try to stay cool, and embrace every moment the best you can! Later, chapel peeps!


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