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Some girls just know how to look good sitting still. Miss EmmyLou is one of those girls! After the hailstorm trauma here, we've found spots to put cars under cover. This works perfectly for her!

A rustic barn and EmmyLou are a perfect combo. She's running great, and Laura even took a photo of her in the barn, so we know she'll be a fun visit feature on the property. We really enjoy her, and she starts better than any car we've got in the 'vintage' classification! Such a charmer, and just right for photo shoots for long as you maintain the 20 foot rule! She's certainly not a show car, but from a distance looks pretty good. Her vibe is just right for the barn. Everyone wins, and the hail damage factor has been reduced effectively. Had she not been in the shop during hailmageddon, she might have been pretty solidly damaged or totalled! Yikes. Praise God for sparing our little grocerty getter with His protection!

Still tidying up from the charity event on Sunday, but we're so appreciative of the help the book club/bible study ladies provided, and there wasn't even anything for me to wash! Such charmers. Next step is setting up for our next wonderful wedding!

Tim fixed the broken glass-topped table at the chapel with a sheet of Lexan. Smart dude! It's been nice getting to see him the last few days...

Well, need to run. Have a wonderful day, make things as nice as you can for others, and say a prayer of thanksgiving! Buh-bye! :)


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