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So, Cap? What's Cookin' at the chapel? about a little vodka martini dip w/rustic veg?

Well, this was actually for book club last week, but I wanted to share the colors. The book was set in basically the fro-zone wasteland of Russia (*insert Elsa's theme song here*), and our book's hero survived on dead animals, vodka, roots, berries, some kind of weirdo herb tea, etc. Well, the menu was completely Russian, so I had to go in the vodka aisle (PTL!) and the dip was REALLY olive-eeeyyy. Not bad, but not fabulocity. I liked having the large, rather rustic veg here with the oversized glass, since it added kind of a survival hero chomping motif that seemed to work. Everyone else's fare was way better, but sometimes you just have to experiment. Remind me never to to to the frozen wastelands of Russia. I'm more of an Aruba kinda guy. Fortunately, our next book is set in Manhattan in 1938, so we'll be 'right as rain' for that one! :)

Met another delightful bride and groom on a tour yesterday, and have another scheduled. I've said this 1,000+ times, but it's so wonderful to have God send us just.the.right couples who totally get our place, look and our care in making their wedding so very special. Sometimes, it's kind of freaky, because you are so connected to these couples, you feel like you've known them for a long time, even though you've just met. WAIT a minute? Do I have some kind of cool theme for a book here? hmmmmm. Wouldn't THAT be interesting! Anyway, we love our couples and it's always fun to meet more.

Clemente painted outdoor furniture just in time for this weekend's ceremony and it really looks much fresher. This is where it's always nice to have Mrs. Boss' eye for these things, as she knows when something is looking one degree past 'shabby chic' and just looks junky!

Ok, well, have a great Friday! I hope to be able to post this weekend, but it'll be a busy one, so we'll see what happens! Blessings to everyone, and as always, we pray for our special couples all the time! Byeeeeeeeeee!


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