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One of the best things about having the coolest brides and grooms in the world is getting to hang!

What a fun weekend with lots of glass being blown and visitation! Sarah and Otto set Carl, Becky, Denise and I up @ Salado Glass Works for our Easter egg handblown gig, and they turned out amazing. On Sunday, when they were all cooled and ready to roll, we met at The Shed for lunch and compared our beautiful creations. Otto and Sarah are the cool bride and groom, but Carl has played quite a few weddings at the chapel, so he's connected as well! I will say that one of the funniest things about this photo is that right after he took it, Otto said, "um, Cap, you're making a funny you want to re-do it?". I told Otto that it WAS not a funny face, and that's how I really look. Ahem.

Busy, busy, busy..........gonna put in some major time setting up for L&K's biggest of days today and the next couple of days. Logan's heading out tomorrow and friday, so we need to get some things out of the way and ready to go. Their number is slightly lower than originally planned, so it's giving us some extra wiggle room and the weather is supposed to be perfection for Saturday! Woohooo! We always love it when we have a perfect wedding on a perfect weather day. Although.......I must say, no matter what the weather, we have perfect weddings here all the time, so there's that!

I watered new plants yesterday, and finished steaming chair covers and started steaming tablecloths. We love a new wedding setup and all the fun that it entails. This really is the right business for us! I would like the other plantings to come bouncing back a little quicker than they are this spring, but I also realize that the weather has been not exactly 'just right' for continued growth. We have warm, wonderful days and then we have nights in the 40's so I don't think that exactly says, c'mon plants!

Well, I guess it's time for me to get productive with aforementioned table cloths. Stay well, have a wonderful Wednesday, and blessings at you for a wonderful rest of the week!


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