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One of the best photos of one of the best days of the year! The American flag even is featured!

I hadn't seen this shot before. Jolene sent it as part of a text since it came up on her memory board for the day, and she sent it to me. This day is what life is all about. John being responsible, having fun, and supporting everyone on Sarah and Otto's biggest day. MRs. Boss having 784 kinds of fun with her favorite brew. Jolene anchoring the excitement with possibly stolen jewelry, and our tremendous bride-girl, rocking the Botanical Jane head-dress, and truly enjoying her day, her people and her new life. I wish every day could be so filled with fun, magic and light, but I don't think my heart could take it! :) I look rather nursing home confused in this one (I must have had a hell of a hangover after Sarah and Otto's wedding), but there are WAY FAR WORSE photos in the private archives from this day of yours truly, so at least in this one, I just look mildly confused! LOL

Happy Sunday to all of our chapelfans far and wide. We saw this morning that one of our favorite couples are skiing in Garmish this weekend. Poor kids, they never get to have ANY fun! So happy for them. Yesterday was a banner visit day, since Nicola sent the family over to tour the chapel and didn't come. (we laughed) and then we got to meet Trevor's wonderful parents, and had a great afternoon. Unfortunately, Savannah had to reschedule, but we're back on the books for another day. Btw.......Trevor's dad looks like Liam Neeson, so I'm Thinking Paige may end up with a pretty good looking old man in her golden years? Let us pray! :)

Ok, lots to do in the last warm day for about a week, and Chloe will be here soon to help out. Have a smashing day, don't work to hard (it's Sunday, afterall) and check in with us soon for more fun and frivolity! Blessings............


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