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Ok, when you want to post on the blog but can't find a photo you like. I figured you could do it!

Except, I wouldn't put that groom in that goofy hat. That's not so much of a good look, I'm thinking. Kinda Thanksgiving pilgrim-y? She looks a bit confused about the whole thing, so they're actually pretty fun as a couple to work with. LOL

Hope your day is off and running today! Basically zero, nadda, bupkis going on at the chapel today except for maybe watering plants. Book club is TOMORROW night, which I've had confused for 2 or 3 days at this point, so nothing's shaking at the chapel of love. I did put in a question to the seller of a stone lion on FB marketplace to see if that might work by the back doors to the chapel for the right price, but I haven't heard back from them. Maybe it got sold? Otherwise, we're just rolling along and taking it one magical wedding at a time. Got to meet with Savannah and her mom this weekend, which was fun, and we're pretty well set with her big day, and we've got several coming up right in a row! At least when I use my new heel cushions in my boots, I can make it through the whole ceremony and reception without crawling around like an old man! The ol' cap isn't as young as he used to be, and those dogs are BARKIN' by the end of the event! :)

At least there's no Easter decor to take down at the chapel, since we did it all at the main house. That makes transitioning from one wedding to another a bit easier at this time of the year! We've still got a deposit refund to get out the door and two referral bonuses to provide to wonderful folks who have been married here and caused others to do the same! I just need to get on the stick and get some stuff done! :)

Have a wonderful week, and enjoy whatever Easter leftovers you might have. I've had more candy in the last 48 hours than in the entire year, but no coma yet! :) Talk with you soon....


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