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Ok, it doesn't take a retired peace officer to figure this one out, but I think that during this annual tea, there may have been some beverages in antique tea cups that weren't just Earl Grey? hmmmm.

Wow......THIS is a group! I don't know if I've ever posted this photo before (maybe I didn't have the courage) but it was a great reminder of how much fun having this magical chapel has been for us. These ladies (ahem) are Mrs. Boss' besties, and it's an annual event that involves dressup and hats. They also have 3 studly servers doing food and beverage (ok, 2 studly servers and one old man) so that doesn't hurt in the merrymaking department. She looks forward to this event each year, and it's a great excuse for me to buy another collectible car for each annual photo. Hasn't quite worked out that way, but at least the runway is clear for the next vehicle to be adopted @ The Oak! Rock on, ladies, and your 1973 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham d' Elegance looks good in your shot as well!

Otherwise, it's a bit of work and reward at the chapel today. Chloe was here for most of the day. Pulling weeds, spreading mulch, and doing all kinds of great other chores all over the place. She's returning for more punishment, I mean opportunity, tomorrow. We're thankful to have her, and it's so fun getting all this stuff done and getting to see one of our favorite bride's kiddos!

Hope your weekend is amazing. Make it a great one, and smile! Blessings to one and all!


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