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Ok, a bit blurry, but it kind of fits the message of the sign. One of the details this Saturday!

Details at this Saturday's theme wedding were unbelievable. The theme was "Western Pulp" and it was pulled off to perfection. We'll be sharing some amazing photos in the next few weeks. Taylor and Daniel's event was kitchy, design quirky, and just about perfect! Everything from vintage amberglass wine service to Ranch Romance magazines on display to home made treats, perfect prairie flowers and a neon sign that pulled the whole thing together at the photo op station! Extremely well done, and it's always a joy to work with families that are a delight. Taylor even was the very first bride EVAH to have her groom run to town, buy a gas can and come back with enough fuel to get her into town, since the car idled so long with the dogs in it! Great memories, and a truly great wedding! Such a delight and genuine joy all around. Congratulations, all over again, T&D and very well done, Karen and Dan with setup and dream-making!

Otherwise, we had bible study supper last night and it was great. Have 2 bridal visits today, so we're just perkolating along here. I think the economy is actually helping our business, since we're so very well priced, as we think a lot of brides are opting for a smaller, less expensive wedding event! We're good with that!

Anyway, need to run. Blessings to one and all for a great week, and congrats to Lisa and Bert on booking their 25th Anniversary Renewal! Woot, woot! We cannot wait!


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