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Not everything bride and groomy happens at the chapel....sometimes we take the act on the road

We think lots of people scratch their heads about this place and the lasting impact on folks. When many of our couples here get married, we never get rid of them! It's like no other venue in that way. One example are our two little love geese here, John and Jolene. We just finished Thanksgiving RV Adventure for 2021, and they joined us for part of the festivities. It's amazing how many of our brides and grooms stick around to play, year after year. We couldn't be more thrilled. Then, the blessing of their children being shared with us (and frequently put to work! :) is yet another joy. Lots of laughs, fun, support and caring all the way around, which is what a family is really all about...if you're doing it right. we have our own CaliberOak Family and it's fine.

Working on steaming linens's that fun part of the week where we make the tablecloths look snappy and start working the chargers, plates and glassware just right. The joy of our ministry and entertaining here is wonderful. We were both really touched at bible study this weekend, when we covered a section in Psalms that lead us into the discussion of what each of us leaves behind. So many of the team said such nice things (and it wasn't just for the free beer!) and reminded us that we really do have a very special spot and a wonderful opportunity to interact, influence and learn from all ages of wonderful people. It's mighty cool. Kinda wish that we would have built this place sooner for even more joy, but Mrs. Boss says that I'd end up having a chain of 117 chapels coast-to-coast by now, and it would certainly eliminate the special-ness of this place. lol. She's probably right. Everything happens just as it should. The Big Guy Upstairs sends us just the right folks, and makes sure each wedding day is as fine as it can possibly be! Have a wonderful day, come visit, and don't forget bible study each Sunday (except for THIS one!)

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