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Memories of special days are the best. We got to visit these two on their 10th, and it was great!

This was the very first card ever created for a chapel wedding, as far as we know. Our young 'poster child' is now 14 years old and has a job in Midland and everything. BTW, 14 is not too early to be making cotton candy at the concession stand, and apparently, she's a smash hit at the task!

It was such a treat to visit with Cheyenne and Kris, and they're SO grown up! It's hard to imagine they were only 20 when they got married, but we're so touched and impressed that they specifically wanted to set aside time on their anniversary get.a.way weekend to come visit us, bring a gift (!) and visit the chapel where it all happened! They even got to visit with the Matthews next door, since Cheyenne worked at the bank with David back in the day! What a great treat all the way around!

Nothing else going on at the chapel currently. Mrs. Boss watered down there today, and we were both discussing about how we thought the new 'banana leaf plants' (don't know what they really are) would be larger than they are at this point. No worries, at least they're surviving. We're fighting a running battle with an armadillo over grub rights in that flower bed with a little grubX, and hopefully, a second application will kill enough grubs so that he goes to a buffet elsewhere!

Tomorrow night is book club night with a decidedly Russian theme, and I've got my vodka dip recipe all picked out. Looking forward to having our book club in the house. Have a wonderful start to the week, keep trying, and have hope! All problems will untie like knots if you do like my friend Elsa, and just 'let . it. go'. :) Later, taters!

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